Request API
auth your auth id(32 letters)
[test] is special AUTH ID, you can use it to query *.info domains when building your APP.
*Note: In Test Mode the data value is not always true except the data format, sometime it's randomly.
type json or xml
(Old version is [max], the new parameter is maxperpage)
it will be used when mask equals 011,111,222,333,444
 the max inbound domains  per request(page) will be returned.
default value is 100.
the value range is 1~1000
maxforsort it will be used when mask equals 222, 333
if the  records count of the query is less than MAXFORSORT, it will base on the real count it found.
if it is great than MAXFORSORT, it will only do sorting on the first MAXFORSORT items.
the default value is 100 * MAXPERPAGE for [MASK=222]  and 10 * MAXPERPAGE for [MASK=333] .
90% of domains in database(300 Millions) don't have more than 1,000 inbound domains,
but there still are millions of domains have more than 1,000 inbound domains.
The higher the value you set, the better the accuracy you get.
but the costs will be large if you set a very large value to query,
if it is too small, it will missing data in returned results.
the value range is 1 ~ 2,147,483,648
mask mask
value return data request costs
000 !rank, page !rank More details of costs, please see Plans & Pricing
100 meta all(rank, domain, backlinks, ip subnets, anchors etc.)
101 short meta: rank, domains, backlinks counts
111 meta, domains, pages(export all backlink links)
011 domains, pages(export all backlink links)
222 top ranked pages (max 1000) for domain check only
333 top inbound domains(max 100) for domain or page check
444 Just discovered/New Backlinks
999 !rank, page !rank,meta
value return data (only when mask = 444)
0 or default past month
1 past 24hours
2 past week
query type value example (escape it)
next This argument must be set when you request next page to continue the results, this argument should be found in preious requested results.
Examples: click to view the formats

JSON Example

XML Example