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  • Free credits
    • Every registered member allow query 90 unique domains and 9,000 unique URLs per month.  create a free member account
    • Please do not try to register more than one account, it will be auto blocked.
  • Free access verified & owned domains
    • It's free and no limits for query verified & owned domains with our SITE and API
    • Sign in and add your domains. any query or API access will free and no credits needed for query your verified & owned domains.
  • Data update frequency
    • Backlinks update every day.
    • PageRanks update every month, for subscriber, It also can be done on demand, you can update it at anytime.
  • How many records in your database?
    • 300 Millon domains(it contains expired domains, its very usefull for finding some good expired domains.)
    • 1 Trillion external backlinks[real backlinks](we don't index internal links, the backlinks from the same domain).
    • 1 Billion web pages was crawled every day, we have perfect algorithms to find backlinks, so we needn't crawl all webpages on the internet(no one can do that, even Google).
  • Partenerships & Third-part services
    • As known we are professonal in Backlink Data Analysis, we work on the SEO data-layer.
    • We do not provide any website SEO service(such as website design, link building), expired domain service(such as domain hunter, domain finder).
    • We recommend a list of our loyal customers, who are professional in these service. see list
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